First post! Initial deployment of this blog

Aaand, here we go, my first professional blog!

Well, professionally-oriented at least, this is very much work in progress, but at least now it’s up and running as a Minimum Viable Product, which is a good start.

Initially I was considering using hosted solutions like in the spirit of using Cloud-native PaaS/SaaS solutions, but since I still have credits from the amazing AWS Activate initiative I decided to deploy it through AWS Lightsail:

It’s a IaaS solution but that comes pre-configured by Bitnami, which also provides various guides to start, like for example how to configure SSL:

Initially I was considering just using a basic WordPress theme to start, but my friend Steven recommended me Elementor so down the rabbit hole I went…

The depth and breadth of this tool is truly amazing, and it can truly allow people to create AMAZING websites but it honestly felt a bit too much for what I needed.

Regardless, the skeleton of the blog was created with Elementor blocks and it will be further developed as time goes on, so I’m looking forward to see how high the ceiling actually is.

After that, two additional things were implemented: Media storage in an S3 bucket:

And then Amazon CloudFront CDN for speeding up traffic and improving SEO:

And now I’m here writing this very short reminder about how I deployed it.

This was my first blog post and I’ll own it as it is!

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